An Ordinance

An Ordinance of the City of XXXX [amending and supplementing City Ordinance XXXXX].

WHEREAS, the citizens of XXXX and the City of XXXX are desirous of supporting 
honesty in government, the scrupulous and ethical use of  taxpayer revenues 
policies that hold corporations to the highest standards of ethics and accountability;

WHEREAS, the citizens of the City of XXXX and their local elected officials have 
the constitutional right to petition the national and state governments on any 
matter of grave concern to our city, the nation, and the world community; and

WHEREAS, more than 200 billion dollars has been appropriated by Congress to fund 
military operations and reconstruction in Iraq; and

WHEREAS, the cost of the Iraq war has diverted federal funds from programs and 
services in urban areas such as XXXX, including education, housing, social services, 
infrastructure improvements, and homeland security; and

WHEREAS, numerous audits, reports and investigations by the Special Inspector 
General for Iraq Reconstruction, the Defense Contract Audit Agency, the 
Government Accountability Office, various committees of Congress and the media 
have documented a variety of lawbreaking activities by corporate contractors 
operating in Iraq or their employees, including fraud, waste, bribery and other 
egregious abuses; and

WHEREAS, many of the U.S. government's largest contractors have repeatedly 
broken the law or engaged in misconduct, according to investigations by the 
GAO (GAO-03-163) and non-profit contracting watchdogs such as the Project on 
Government Oversight, Taxpayers for Common Sense and the Center for Public 

WHEREAS, very few such contractors have been prevented from receiving additional 
government contracts as a result of any violations of law, exposing taxpayers 
and the government to the greater potential for fraud, waste and other harms;

WHEREAS, the provision of defective equipment and services has the potential to 
put the lives of U.S. servicemen and women in danger; 

WHEREAS, the federal government’s own laws and regulations require that 
contractors who break the law or are even indicted should be prevented from 
receiving any additional contracts, at least for a temporary period; and yet

WHEREAS, in practice, small businesses are frequently barred from contracts 
while larger, more politically-influential companies continue to rake in massive contracts, in some cases no-bid contracts worth billions of dollars,


Section  1: That the City of XXXX hereby adopts a policy, effective within 180 
days, altering [CITY PROCUREMENT LAWS] in a manner that prohibits the any new 
business within its jurisdiction with companies that have (or whose employees 
have) committed any major violations of Federal Acquisition Regulations or state 
or local procurement rules including competitive bidding rules, or committed 
contract-related fraud, bribery, or billing with the intent to excessively profit 
from any war, military action or disaster relief operations (“war profiteers” or 
“disaster profiteers”) over a period of five years previous to the award of such 

Section 2. That the City of XXXX hereby strongly urges the United States 
government and the State of XXXX to enforce and establish where necessary 
stronger criminal penalties for contract-related fraud, including billing with 
the intent to excessively profit from any war, military action or disaster-related 
contracts (“war profiteering” or “disaster profiteering”), including clear standards 
of suspension and debarment for fraud, profiteering or other wrongdoing. 

Section 3: That the City of XXXX shall divest itself of and direct any and all 
fund managers for its employee retirement funds and other funds controlled by 
the city of any and all stocks, bonds or other financial instruments associated 
with any company which has either broken the law in association with federal 
war- or disaster relief-related contracts over the past 5 years. 

Section  4: That a copy of this resolution be sent to George W. Bush, 
President of the United States; the members of the XXXXX (state) Congressional 
delegation; and the National League of Cities. 

Section 5: That this resolution shall be in full force and effect from 180 days 
after its passage and approval in the manner provided by law. 


after its passage and approval in the manner provided by law.