Bills introduced since 2001 that relate to offshore tax havens:

Corporate Inversion bills (tax loophole and contract-related bills):


HR 1619 Amendment to Internal Revenue Code of 1986. (inversions provision)
HR 2143 Permanent Death Tax Repeal Act (inversions provision)
HR 3857/ S 2050 Tax Code treatment of inversion transactions
HR 3884 The Corporate Patriot Enforcement Act
HR 3922 Save America’s Jobs Act (inversions provision)
HR 4756 Uncle Sam Wants You Act (inversions)
HR 4831 Patriotic Purchasing Act (inversion)
HR 4931 Retirement Savings Security Act. (inversions provision)
HR 4993 No Tax Breaks for Corporations Renouncing America Act
HR 5095 American Competiveness and Corporate Accountability Act
HR 5005 Homeland Security Act of 2002
HR 5010 Department of Defense 2003 Appropriations
HR 5120 Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act, 2003 (inversion amendments)
HR 5263 Agriculture, Rural Development, FDA and Related Agencies Appropriations 2003 (inversions)
S 2119 Reversing the Expatriation of Profits Offshore Act


HR 2/S 1054 Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003
HR 737/S 384 The Corporate Patriot Enforcement Act
HR 878 Armed Forces Tax Fairness Act of 2003
HR 1308 Tax Relief, Simplification, and Equity Act of 2003 (corp. expatriate provisions)
HR 1355/S 29/S 134 Wellstone Memorial Stop Corporate Expatriates Act. (Bar corporate expats from DHS contracts)
HR 6/HR 1531 Energy Tax Policy Act.
HR 1769 Jobs Protection Act of 2003.
HR 1837 Services Acquisition Reform Act of 2003.
HR 2122 Project Bioshield Act of 2003 (corporate inversions provisions)
HR 2184 Fairness and Accountability in InternationalTaxation Act
HR 2555 Homeland Security Department 2004 Appropriations
HR 2658 and S 1382 Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2004 (contracts)
HR 2673 Consolidated Appropriations Act 2004
HR 2799 Departments of Commerce, Justice, State 2004 Appropriations - inversions/contract ban
HR 2896/S 1637 American Jobs Creation Act/ Jumpstart Our Business Strength (JOBS) Act.
HR 2989 Transportation & Treasury 2004 Appropriations.
HR 4200/S 2400 Defense Department 2005 Authorization.
HR 4228 Acquisition System Improvement Act
HR 4503/S 14 Energy Policy Act of 2004 - corporate inversion.
HR 4520 American Jobs Creation Act.
HR 4567/S 2537 Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2005.
HR 4613/S 2559 Defense Department 2005 Appropriations.
HR 5025/S 2806 Transportation, Treasury, and Independent Agencies 2005 Approps.
HJ Res. 2 Consolidated Appropriations Resolution of 2004.
S 135 Dayton Fair Tax Cut Act
S 272 Charity, Aid, Recovery and Empowerment (CARE) Act of 2003 (inversions provision)
S 513 The Corporate Tax Fairness and Shareholder Rights Act of 2003 (to require that shareholders be notified of the move)
S 1149 Energy Tax Incentives Act.

2005 Legislation

HR 1303 Fairness and Accountability in International Taxation Act of 2005.

Other bills related to tax havens, shelters, etc.:

HR 2520 Abusive Tax Shelter Shutdown Act
HR 4192 Provisions related to "reinsurance and foreign persons and treatment under U.S. tax laws."
HR 1755 Provisions related to "reinsurance and foreign persons and treatment under U.S. tax laws."
S. 2210 The Tax Shelter and Tax Haven Reform Act (108th Congress - has a section that would eliminate tax breaks involving uncooperative tax havens
S. 779 Would eliminate tax benefits for controlled foreign corporations organized by U.S. owners in designated tax havens.
S 2235 (section that would thwart use of tax havens)
S 2339 Tax Haven and Abusive Shelter Reform Act of 2002
S 1511 International Money Laundering Abatement and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act of 2001
S 398 International Counter-Money Laundering and Foreign Anticorruption Act of 2001