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Our Latest: The Bottom Line or Public Health, edited by William Wiist (Oxford, 2010) includes a variety of perspectives from public health professionals and activists. Our chapter focuses on translating public health goals into industrial policy by using corporate charters to impose structural reforms on specific industries or corporations, esp. when traditional regulatory approaches are not enough.

Recommended Reading. First, choose a topic:

Advertising, Commercialism and Public Relations

Banking, Finance and Wall Street

The Commons, Culture and Corporate Colonization

Corporate Crime, Corporate Welfare and Other Abuses

Corporate Globalization

Corporate Power and History

Corporations, Elections and Politics

Corporations and the Media

Corporations on Campus: The University-Industrial Complex

Economics, Labor and Workplace Issues

The Military-Industrial-Security-Think Tank Complex

Oil, Energy and Climate Change

Movement History, Organizing and Activism

Public Health, Science and the Environment

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