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Landmark Legal Foundation

Landmark Legal Foundation
3100 Broadway, suite 1110
Kansas city, MO 64111

The Landmark Legal Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 public interest law firm. Founded in 1976 as the Great Plains Legal Foundation under the auspices of the National Legal Center for the Public Interest, it maintains offices in Missouri and Virginia. Landmark has three attorneys on staff, and three additional employees. The primary issues Landmark works on are the environment and education.

Landmark litigates, but an equally important part of their strategy is filing complaints with government agencies on various issues. With regard to education, they frequently litigate on behalf of charter schools. Their primary environmental focus seems to be to attack EPA regulations.

One strategy Landmark is fond of fits into the overall goal of "defunding the left." Landmark has filed FOIA requests with the EPA to determine which non-profits it has issued grants to. Their end goal is to establish that the liberal groups receiving funding from the government aren't properly accounting for their expenses, and as a result should no longer receive government funding, or possibly have their tax-exempt status revoked. Landmark pursues similar actions against the National Education Association (NEA), exhaustively studying any actions it takes, determines how to label them as "political" and then filing complaints with the IRS because the NEA lists no political expenditures. In this instance as well, the goal is to make the NEA pay taxes on anything it does which can be construed as political. The logical next step would be to lobby for NEA members to demand a refund of union dues used for political purposes, essentially depriving the NEA of the ability to participate in public discourse (e.g. the privatization of school systems through introduction of charter schools).

Funding: In 2002 Landmark had revenues of $1,628,015 and expenses of $1,133,391. Major donors include the Sarah Scaife Foundation ($250,000 in 2002), Scaife-funded Carthage Foundation ($250,000 in 2002), Castle Rock Foundation ($25,000), the John M. Olin foundation ($30,000). All of these foundations are relatively consistent donors. e.g. in 2001, while the Carthage Foundation did not make a grant, the Sarah Scaife Foundation donated $550,000. ExxonMobil has also donated between $5,000 and $10,000 between 1994 and 2002.

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