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The American Land Rights Association

American Land Rights Association
30218 N.E. 82nd Avenue
PO Box 400
Battle Ground, WA 98604

The American Land Rights Association (ALRA) describes itself as a coalition supporting family recreation, multiple use, and commodity production on federal and state lands. It was originally founded in 1978 as the National Park Inholders Association. It's non-profit 501 (c)4 (tax exempt, though donations are not deductible) status was pending at the time of our research. Their offices are in Washington state.

The focus of the ALRA's work includes regulatory takings of private property, Inholder (inholders own property or equity in or around federally managed land) interests, rancher grazing rights, cabin permitees, limiting the use of the Endangered Species Act and other issues affecting the forestry, timber and mining industries.

ALRA does not litigate. Instead, it organizes its over 25,000 members on property rights issues. They publish a bi-weekly journal called Land Rights Advocates. ALRA organizes op-ed and letter-to-the-editor drives, as well as complaints to government officials. Through their affiliate the League of Private Property Voters, they publish a uide to elected officials for their members, and they maintain a catalog of Congressional votes on key property issues.

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